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AIR LEAKAGE TESTING - Tired of high heating and cooling bills?

To test for Air leakage in both new and older homes, ecohome inspectors offers a blower door service that measures the flow rate of air through cracks and openings in your home. With the aid of infrared thermography, we will pin point areas that are poorly sealed, in need of improvement, or repair.


Air Leakage Testing is an excellent method for identifying:

  • Uncomfortable Drafts
  • Heat loss areas of your home
  • How to increase your home's efficiency

A blower door test is a quick way to identify improvements that can be made to your house to reduce heating and cooling loss and ultimately your energy bill.

Once a blower door test has been complete, the our inspector will identify and explain the values observed during the testing. At that time, the advisor will be happy to help answer any questions you may have about the testing or the results.

What's involved

To perform a thorough energy efficiency analysis of your home, ecoHOME inspectorss Energy Experts use specially designed "blower door" test equipment to measure your home's rate of air leakage. The blower door is a variable-speed fan mounted on an adjustable panel that can fit into any exterior door opening of your home. Here’s how the test is run:

  • Reduce house pressure. When the fan is turned on, the pressure inside your home is gradually reduced to allow outside air to flow into the house through unsealed openings or cracks in the house structure.
  • Measure airflow rate. Pressure gauges connected to the fan measure the rate of airflow required to keep your home at a constant pressure so that the advisor can calculate your home's resistance to air infiltration.
  • Calculate energy efficiency. The results of the test are incorporated into your home's energy efficiency rating. Because airtight homes are energy efficient, a house that has little air leakage will result in a higher rating than a home that has a lot of air leakage.
  • Check ventilation. Advisors also ensure that the home is adequately ventilated as part of their analysis because modern airtight homes must always be adequately ventilated, usually with mechanical ventilation.

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