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Thermal Imaging Gallery 1

This area appears to be fine, but infrared detects missing insulation


This wall appears fine, but my infrared camera detects settled insulation


Thermal imaging detects cold air infiltrating the left portion of this wall


Visually, you see an open window, but infrared detects major heat loss


Infrared detects a major leak at radiant heating. System must be abandoned.


Infrared detects all sorts of inefficiencies at this gable (attic) ceiling


This wall appears fine, but thermal imaging detects missing insulation


You see a wall that appears fine, but infrared detects Termite activity


It's impossible to inspect radiant heating coils without my infrared camera


Visually...this commercial roof looks fine, but infrared detects a roof leak


This siding looks great, until I detect major moisture intrusion with infrared


Visually...this corner looks fine, but thermal imaging detects an active leak


Can you see anything wrong, visually? Infrared detects a leak under jacuzzi


This attic access looks fine, but infrared reveals inadequate insulation


Look great visually, but thermally, I detect inadquate insulation


Exterior wall appears to fine, but infrared detects efficiency issues


A re-hab inspection appears fine until my infrared camera detects improperly installed insulation